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 GreenHerbz If it’s quality herbal incense products you’re looking for, we’ve got them. We have everything from Angry Bird to WTF herbal incesnse. We are the trusted #1 source for all of your herbal incense needs. Safe and Discreet! 100% legal herbal incense products for all 50 states. check us out today.

2LegalPuffs.com – #1 Herbal Incense Mega Store — Awarded: ✩✩✩✩✩

Legal Puffs currently has the most potent Herbal Incense around! They are a verified seller with a HUGE inventory of the strongest 2nd generation of Potpourri spice that is 100% legal in all 50 States! They also have the LOWEST prices and the best quality you won’t find anywhere else. All of their blends are lab tested by top manufacturers in 2014 and packages are stamped and sealed to ensure the best quality! They provide FREE RUSHED SHIPPING with tracking and has great customer service and reviews! While other websites sell fake generics, Legal Puffs has only the best authentic products available in the current market. You will not be disappointed with their supply! Highly recommended if you are shopping for Herbal Incense!


LegalHerbalBudz — LegalHerbalBudz is back and better than ever! We have all the latest brands such as: AK-47, Bizarro, Blue Platinum Caution, Diablo, Green Giant, Insane, Jazz Mango, Joker, Mad Hatter, Neutronium, Pineapple Kush, Psycho, Red Eye Jack, Scooby Snax, Shaggy’s Mix and WTF herbal incense. And check out our Sample Mix of premium herbal incense. We carry only the finest quality herbal incense blends and we take good care of our customers! Visit us today!


4HerbalIncense.guru — The all knowing Herbal Incense Guru welcomes you. Herbal Incense Guru has the hottest and newest blends of Herbal Incense, including Scooby Snax, Caution, Kush, Bizarro and more. We offer some of the lowest prices on the internet, stop by and see for yourself! Free standard shipping on orders over $100 and Priority shipping is available for only $9.99. We ship to all 50 states and accept Visa Credit Cards. Plus we have our own exclusive brand “Herbal Mayhem” which is extremely popular with our customers. Use coupon code: “boutique” (no quotes) at check out and receive 10% off your order. WOW!

5 Liquid Herbal Incense & Relax E Juice BUZZ products did it again! Developing a relaxing formula made from all natural ingredients and extracts! The name says it All, BUZZ Relaxation… Nicotine FREE, why only vape for flavor, when you can get so much more! Vape with BUZZ and vaping will never Bee the same. You’ve tried the rest… Now try the best!

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8Canamos.com— A long time trusted vendor in the herbal incense market, Canamos offers a selection of only the most potent blends and free shipping on all orders. We guarantee you will not be disappointed with the potency of our products.

9B2stufIncense — At B2stufIncense, we cater to store owners and customers who wish to place large wholesale herbal incense orders. We have all of the big name brands and only do large herbal incense orders. We currently only accept bank transfers and Bitcoin purchases. We are trustworthy and have earned a great reputation in the industry as the #1 herbal incense wholesale supplier in the US. If you are looking for large wholesale herbal incense orders, look no further!

10TheMidnightExpress — Welcome to The Midnight Express! Your online source for 100% legal blends of herbal incense, spice, pipes, smoking accessories, scales, bags, sex toys, adult DVD’s and more! Stop by today!